Thank you!

Jackson, Tim, and Ben labeling the states that Barack Obama won in the election.

What a great day!
Thank you to the parents that came out to the material making party! It was an amazing feeling to have you all here, working and preparing materials for the classrooms.
Thank you also to all of you (the list is too long) that have been bringing items off of the wish list. We now have enough plastic bags to last us a while. We are also the proud owners of a digital camera, many drinking glasses, apple slicers, blocks of wood, baby food jars, pitchers, fabric, velcro, zippers, vases, beautiful place mats and napkins, empty jars of homemade yogurt, and a tea set (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone’s generosity, sorry).
It feels wonderful to be creating a community of giving, working, and sharing with all of you.
Thanks again.

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