Daily Stories

It is getting close to time when we will carve our pumpkin. We are going to eat the seeds for snack. Isa is not here today. Eileen was not here again today because her grandmother died. We read “Owen and Mzee: The Language of Friendship.” We did “Rake the Leaves” at gathering time again. We put up our squirrel poems on the walls. The children want the egg work back on the shelves. The children can’t wait until we get the pumpkin seeds out and eat them for snack. The smallest cube for the pink tower is missing. Today is take home work day.
-Ruby, Jackson, Shannon, Harry, Regina, and Xan

Halloween is getting closer. We all have our costumes. Rory came back from his trip to Kansas and we were so happy to see him. We gave him cards and art work. We said “You’re back!” when we saw him. There were many rugs on the floor and a lot of children did maps today. Kevin and Flora did math. We read a story about a pumpkin that smashed and sang “Little Nut Tree.” It was really quiet on our walk to the park. We ran a lot at the park.
-Ben, Malachite, Rory, and Jakob

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