our admission process

1 Let’s begin a conversation

Email us at info@puddletownschool.com. We can then email and talk on the phone until your questions are all answered.

2 Application

After our initial conversations, complete an electronic application here and indicate what year you’d like your child to join Puddletown School and what program you’re interested in. (There is no cost or commitment required to submit an application.)

3 Tour

The next step is joining a tour of Puddletown School. Tours are 30 minutes in length and are for adults only.

4 Reserve a space

Puddletown feeling like a good fit? Reserve a space with the $500 New Child Registration Fee. (See fees section here.) There is no fee to join the wait list.

Puddletown School invites any child whose family is interested in early childhood, elementary, or middle school aged Montessori education to apply for entrance to our Montessori program, no matter a family’s financial situation. Please see Financial Assistance and Deductions section here. If attending Puddletown School is cost prohibitive for your family’s current financial situation, please fill out the following form (FACTS) so we can start a conversation about financial support.

Each year we typically have the most openings for three year olds in our classrooms for 3-6 year olds. Our program is built on a commitment from our families to staying through the kindergarten year, so as our graduates move on to elementary we fill those spots with younger children. Although there are fewer spots, we do occasionally have room for older preschool-kindergarten age children (4-5). In the Elementary and Middle School programs, we are accepting applications for first through eighth graders at this time.

Every year, Puddletown School attempts to achieve a balance of age, self-identified gender, and Montessori experience within our classrooms. Puddletown strives to become a school where all children and families are welcome, feel welcome, and see themselves reflected here. Puddletown School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in hiring, promoting, or training of employees, nor in the admissions, rights, privileges, programs and activities of its learners.

Generally, Puddletown is not equipped outright nor licensed to care for children with disabilities requiring specialized equipment or one-on-one aides; therefore any such care is conditional upon the family/caregivers and staff properly arranging for the child’s needs to be met. It is the goal for each child to be able to participate in and substantially benefit from this Montessori program without risk to themself or other children. Puddletown School reserves the right to limit entrance to the program or ask that a child be unenrolled from the program after a trial period, based on whether or not we have or can successfully access and implement the tools and strategies to best support a child’s needs, or whether we’ve been able to successfully collaborate with a family and/or a child’s outside support professionals to get the child’s needs met.