Volunteering is critical to the success of our school, both physically and in building a sense of community. Every family is asked to contribute their talents and time to fundraising, community projects and/or classroom endeavors. We require a minimum of 10 hours (15 hours if more than one child is enrolled and half time for a mid year enrollment). A per-hour payment of $20/hour is charged at the end of the school year for families who have not reached this minimum level. Puddletown makes every effort to connect families to volunteer work that fits their interests and abilities, and our goal is that no one uses the payment option. If you would like to volunteer but are unsure of how you can help, drop us an email, and we will let you know what projects we are currently working on.

Some of our past volunteer opportunities:

  • planning one of our fundraisers (auctions, work-a-thons, luncheons, and rummage sales are some of our past fundraisers)
  • working on the grounds (repair projects, deep cleaning, weeding and maintaining the garden)
  • material making for the classrooms (sewing, cutting, photo copying, etc)
  • taking part in a committee on the Family/Caregiver Association

and much, much more!