Sam is a co-founder and Head of Puddletown School. He graduated from a Quaker college with Majors in Art, English and Journalism and a Minor in Education. After working in more traditional educational settings, he volunteered in a Montessori classroom on the Oregon Coast to develop an immersion program for Spanish speaking students. He went on to get his Montessori Primary Certificate from the Montessori Northwest and a Master of Education from Loyola University in Baltimore and has been invested in Montessori Education since 1996. Sam began teaching in Connecticut at an inner city Montessori school with the Hartford Public School system becoming involved in the planning and development of the Learning Corridor with Trinity College. After returning to the Pacific Northwest he taught at in an Elementary program and worked to establish a Montessori middle school.   Eventually the desire to return to the primary classroom and a willing partner led to starting our current program.
Erin is Puddletown's Assistant Head of School. She is a former therapist to children and families (at LifeWorks in NW in WA county for 4 years). Erin has an MS in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark Graduate College and a BA in Political Science from Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. She has a long history in research (marketing and scholarly), making her inquisitive, highly efficient and very organized. She's very slowly run a marathon and many halves, she's played roller derby competitively across the  country, and now is well practiced at home improvement projects, singing camp songs and playing elaborate rounds of charades with her three fantastic children (all Puddletowners) and thespian-at-heart husband, Eddie.
Amy is the Primary program coordinator and during our emergency childcare operations she is also the lead guide in our half-day Sunflower classroom. She joined Puddletown in 2007 and was the lead guide in the Sage classroom for 11 years. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Social Science and received the AMI Primary teacher training in 1998 at the Montessori Education Center of Arizona. Amy began her exploration with children in the Montessori context in 1994 as an assistant and enjoys learning new things from them every day. She enjoys gardening, sewing, baking, backpacking, hiking, camping, reading, knitting, travel and finding humor in every day events.


Sunflower Classroom

Corinne is the assistant in the Sunflower room  She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oregon, her AMI 3-6 training at Montessori Northwest, and her Master of Education from Loyola University. She has held various Montessori positions over the years, happily devoting her adult life to "education for peace". She was in Montessori as a child, and has loved sharing Montessori with her daughter who is a 6th year in Madrone. Corinne likes to visit family on the Oregon coast, spend time by the ocean, cuddle her pets, read immersive escapist fiction, and explore children's books.

Lavender Classroom

Emmy has been the lead guide in the Lavender classroom since 2014. Before joining Puddletown as the assistant in the Lavender classroom in 2011, she worked in varied environments caring for children, including day care, day camp and nanny work. She received a BA in Psychology from University of Hartford. Once arriving in Portland from the east coast,  she received her AMI diploma from Montessori Northwest in Primary Education. Emmy is committed to the essence of the Montessori method and believes in the marvel of the true nature of the child. She spends her free time cooking, walking, knitting and sewing, hanging out with her dog Louis and has a newly sparked interest in maintaining an edible garden in her backyard.
Lindsey is the assistant in the Lavender classroom.  She grew up in Corvallis and graduated from Macalester College in Minnesota in 2016 with a degree in linguistics. She has lived (and worked with children) in Chile, Spain, and France, and she enjoys bringing those experiences into the classroom. After discovering Montessori during a school photoshoot, Lindsey began working as a substitute at Puddletown in 2018. She has always been inspired by the irrepressible curiosity and infectious spirit of children, and she feels very lucky to spend her days learning with them.

Sage Classroom

Riley is the lead guide in the Sage classroom. She has been looking forward to being a primary guide since she was a child in a Montessori primary classroom in Seattle many years ago. As a student in a Montessori environment, Riley gained skills like self-motivation, collaboration, logic, and self-evaluation. She is happy to be sharing these experiences with children in her work today.  Riley graduated from Boston University summa cum laude with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Earth Science. In 2016 she completed the AMI Primary training at Montessori Northwest, and a master's degree at Loyola University. Riley lives in SE Portland. She enjoys exploring the neighborhood and sharing delicious meals with friends. Riley likes to paint, read, sing, and tell jokes. She has a dream to write and illustrate a children’s book someday!
Celine is the assistant in the Sage classroom. She moved to Portland from San Diego in 2013 and has been nannying and teaching in toddler classrooms ever since. She first became familiar with Montessori through her roommate who was doing her primary training and immediately felt a connection. She started subbing at Puddletown in 2017 and fell in love with the community and the Montessori method. In her free time, she enjoys embroidering, cooking, and camping.


Douglas Fir Classroom

Ali is the lead guide in the Douglas Fir classroom. Before joining Puddletown, Ali spent 4 years working in public Montessori. She was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana and graduated from DePauw with a degree in environmental geoscience. In 2016, she moved to Portland for a position at a public Montessori school as an assistant in an upper elementary classroom. She then completed her AMI Elementary training and Masters of Montessori Education from Loyola University Maryland. As an educator, she is motivated by community, connection and empowerment. In addition to teaching credentials, Ali has experience utilizing restorative justice and anti-racist anti-bias practices. When she's not teaching, she is making art, hiking, reading or enjoying the company of my rabbit, Peony (a former class pet who liked being a house pet more). My partner and I love spending time exploring all the great nooks and crannies Portland has to offer, both indoors and outdoors!

Madrone Classroom

Zil is the upper elementary guide in the Madrone classroom. She was a Montessori child, attending an AMI school in the suburbs of Chicago from ages 3 to 12. Upon graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in Anthropology, she began working as an upper elementary teacher in Phoenix, Arizona and discovered that teaching is her passion. She has worked with children in many capacities over the last 14 years and is delighted to be part of the Puddletown community. In addition to her BA, she holds AMI elementary and primary diplomas and an MEd from Loyola College of Maryland. Over the years Zil has traveled extensively in Central and South America, leading to her involvement in establishing one of Guatemala's first Montessori schools. In her free time, Zil loves to do yoga, cook, read, and play with her daughter, Luna.

Support Staff

Andrea is a co-founder of Puddletown School. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing from Colorado State University. After graduating she headed a creative writing and arts program at a local Fort Collins, Colorado preschool. Andrea then moved to Portland where she began assisting and teaching at the Northwest Children’s Theater. She returned to school in 2001 to receive her Montessori certification from Montessori Northwest and a Master of Montessori Education from Loyola University. She has worked with many Portland public schools and local Montessori schools through outreach and other after school programs. Andrea has served on the Oregon Montessori Association Board. In her free time she enjoys baking, walking her dog, reading and swimming in the ocean.
Michael runs the aftercare program and works as support staff. He moved to Portland in 2012 from southern  California for the Douglas Firs and rivers.  Michael writes poems & stories for children (and grownups) and makes collages from old magazines and finds kinship in the Montessori Method and with the teachers at Puddletown School.  Michael has tutored children with Autism, teaches drama classes at the Northwest Children’s Theater and runs a creative writing workshop from his home.
Alta is a treasured support staffer at Puddletown School. During our emergency childcare operations he is supporting the Sage classroom.