family & caregiver association

Various small children and adults work together to build a school garden

Welcome to Puddletown Family/Caregiver Association! Our mission is to support Puddletown School by providing opportunities for adult participation that directly benefit the children and staff, as well as strengthen the Puddletown community.



The Family/Caregiver Association Executive Committee organizes a variety of activities and events. We encourage adult family/caregivers to join the Executive Committee or volunteer to help with events. The Executive Committee is comprised of a group of Puddletown family/caregiver volunteers; each member oversees a focus area, including:

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Organize 1-3 donation drives throughout the year.
  • MATERIAL MAKING/FACILITY – Organize material making events several times a year and one school-wide work party for upkeep of classrooms and grounds. Recruit volunteers for projects needed in classrooms (building, handiwork, etc).
  • FUNDRAISING – Assist in organizing and promoting our fall and spring fundraisers. Proceeds from the events fund the Puddletown scholarship. Photos of past events are posted here and here.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT – Help out families going through major life events – births, deaths, illness, etc. The family support coordinator checks in with the families to find out if they need extra support such as carpooling, childcare or meals.
  • “GOING OUT” – Organize and invite all families for activities on school inservice days.
  • FAMILY/CAREGIVER COFFEES – Plans weekly coffee meetings to build community among adult family members/caregivers.
  • MENTOR FAMILIES – Connect new families with returning families for before school meet ups and questions.



COMMUNITY EVENTS and ACTIVITIES (this is an ever-evolving list)

  • PUDDLETOWN CARNIVAL – Each year we have a wonderful carnival with vintage games, cake raffle and many other super fun activities. Tickets purchased earn funds for our scholarship program.
  • WORK-A-THON – Puddletown children and families/caregivers work at a local park cleaning, raking, painting and more. The children earn sponsorship dollars for their work that goes towards the scholarship fund.
  • PUDDLETOWN HALL – An adult evening out with delicious food, amazing silent auction items, live music and merriment. All funds raised go towards the scholarship fund and programs at Puddletown.
  • MATERIAL MAKING GATHERINGS – Help make the wonderful materials our children use everyday in the classroom. This is a great way to become familiar with the materials your child works with in the classroom. (And it’s a HUGE help to the teachers!). 
  • SPRING WORK PARTY – Bring your cleaning and gardening supplies to help spruce up the classrooms and grounds. It’s a fun, adult-only event that leaves the facility looking great for our kids! 
  • PUDDLETOWN PLAYDATES – Activities are announced such as swimming, roller-skating, seeing a play, etc. These activities typically fall on a weekend or a day the school is closed. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy a Portland children’s activity, while knowing that some of your child’s classmates will also be there.
  • FAMILY/CAREGIVER COFFEES – Adult get-together Fridays after drop-off at a neighborhood coffee shop. Announcements made in the Google Group.
  • ELEMENTARY SOCIAL – A back to school get-together in late summer for new and returning elementary students and their families.
  • END OF THE YEAR PICNIC – On the last day of school all families/caregivers are invited to Berkeley Park for a graduation ceremony, singing, and a whole school picnic.




The Puddletown Community Google Group is a place for Puddletown families to connect with one another. Sometimes Puddletown staff will chime in too! Share resources, ask advice, initiate a group Puddletown playdate at a park, the zoo, or whatever activity or event you have in mind.


Families new to Puddletown will be connected with a current Puddletown family, prior to their child’s start date. The goal is to assist new families in feeling welcome and supported as their child’s makes this new, big step. By the time the new child has their first day at Puddletown, they will already have a buddy from their new classroom.