Thursday, October 17, 2019


Today Graham arranged flowers, three flowers! Travis gave some sandpaper letter lessons in our room. He worked with Bennett and Greta. Sunny and Alder organized our coatroom. Louisa cleaned the leaves of some of our biggest plants. Harry found all the ways we can make ten from two other numbers using addition.


Gemma brought us a new book today called The Reason For A Flower. Hazel brought us some flowers a couple days ago. Hazel helped Lindsey with dishes and set up snack. A lot of people used the metal insets today.


Elias did the clay. Eliana’s favorite thing was doing the puzzle map. Ari was the fish feeder. Harold used the square in the metal inset work. Today, Nyla cut yarn. Justin enjoyed screwdriving. Alex worked with the rainbow cabinets (Editors note: they are also called color tablets). Atticus ate his lunch. Luna cut yarn. Judy started a pink cactus in embroidery. Beckett did collage. Payton ate all her apples. Oona did the cylinder blocks. Payton used the pink cubes.