Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Kaelen did water painting today. Sunny did math, the stamp game. Some people practiced their names in cursive. Those people were hazel and Harry. Ellie washed dishes using our new dishwashing work.


Today we put The Tiny Seed in the reading corner. Lindsey and Hannah made snack ready and washed the dishes. Ismey got a new lesson on the farm. Some of us played the bells a bunch of times. Hazel watered plants for us. We have a picture of bats on the wall. It’s a gift from Amy and Lindsey hanged it up and we really like how it looks. It’s where the bead shelf is.


Elias had fun eating his lunch. Hazel had fun coloring with chalk outside. Atticus painted the ocean today. Nyla wove a little bit of the ribbons. Tilly built the decanimial square. Justin practiced screwdriving. Payton strung beads. Eliana used the brown stairs. Robert and Liam chatted about a remote control truck in the conversation chairs. Zabel had fun eating lunch. Oona had fun when she had a lesson on the life cycle of an apple. Forster played in the outdoor classroom. Ari held the hot water bottle in the outdoor classroom. Arrow did the red rods.