Welcome back!

Illustration by Josie, age 4, Sage classroom
Amy and Georgia observing the fish

School is back in session and the building buzzing with activity. Many of the new children have had their first day of school and we are all anxiously awaiting the rest of the Puddletowners to join. Some of the things you may hear your children talking about are:
*The exciting fire drill(s) we had today
*Olives blooming on the olive trees that we see when we walk to Kenilworth park
*The fish (Orange Clover in Sage and Blumen in Lavender)
*Many new and beautiful items on the shelves
*Xan’s birthday celebration in the Sage classroom
*Cherry tomatoes from Josephine’s and Rory’s gardens (Lavender) that we have been having for snack
*New songs, new friends

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