Thanksgiving Potluck!

Today was our Thanksgiving potluck!

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img_4293Sage daily story

We had a potluck today. We are going to make sock puppets outside. Orion was absent. We all brought food to share. Phoebe and Alice helped us. They used to be in the Sage classroom but now they are older and go to another school. Lisa (Langley’s mom), Danielle (Lakshmi’s mom), and Rachel (Sienna’s mom) came to help.

Lavender daily story

Today was our potluck. We moved all the tables and shelves and put all the tables together to make one big table. Then we all ate Thanksgiving food. We a lot of days away from school after today.

Cedar daily story

Today there was a lot of food on the shelves because it was a potluck. We had beets, hazelnuts, cranberry sauce and a lot of other food. Our classroom was different with all the tables lined up with chairs. We set up the food with covers on the shelves so that the materials didn’t get dirty. Today we played two times on the playground.

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