Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Hazel and Harry did math. Sunny made a map book. Greta did sewing. Editors note: Hazel wrote the daily story today!


Today Ismey brought a book called Who You Can Be. We have a new work in the classroom; it’s a record player. We listened to Simon and Garfunkel at lunch time. The weather was cool and partly sunny and 57°. Today, we practiced for the silence game.


Zabel did the easel work. Beckett made the clay into a practice court. Oona liked when she was washing her hands. Atticus ate his lunch. Elias went to the outdoor classroom and he did figs with Zabel. Eliana’s favorite thing was rocking in the conversation chairs with Ari. Robert and Liam played addition. Rowan cut paper. Arrow did the screwdriver work. Judy thought it was cold outside. Luna beaded and she went to the garden. Ari liked tying knots.