Friday, November 6, 2015

Doug Fir Digest

In spanish class we learned about The Day of The Dead and set up an alter with a sugar skull and chocolate skull from Mexico. Some children brought in framed pictures of loved ones who have passed away to add to the alter as well as flowers Mexican bread and candles. At lunch we got to eat the bread! Some of the second year children gave lessons to the younger kids on how to make cordage. Everyone has been busy finishing up work to put in their finished work folders in preparation for their upcoming conferences. We are all happy that it is sunny so we can go to Berkeley park this afternoon for outside play and PE!

IMG_4212 IMG_4211 IMG_4210 IMG_4209 IMG_4208 IMG_4207 IMG_4206 IMG_4205


Imogen and Lena went on trips. Elizabeth’s mom and dad observed. It is sunny and warm today. People worked with puzzle maps, metal insets, dish washing, writing labels, listening to records, using the object box, and writing words with the moveable alphabet.


A lot of people were washing things in our classroom to make it look beautiful. Iris helped Clara write down some songs that she was thinking of. We saw the Cedar class walking in a straight line so quietly to the playground this afternoon. We have a new picture of a narwhal on the map shelf. Today we celebrated Luca’s birthday. We started our gathering by the glass door and practiced shaking hands with adults as a greeting. IMG_4193 IMG_4195 IMG_4196 IMG_4197 IMG_4198 IMG_4199 IMG_4213 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4216 IMG_4217