Friday, February 20 2015


We had pizza. There are two lunch boxes that are the same and they got al title mixed up today. Eirinn came for playtime again today. We had fruit salad with our snack today. Beck is still in Mexico so that means he is absent. It is cold and windy and sunny and overcast. We are going to make pop-up cards for Phineas in extended day. Michael (a character in “Mary Poppins”) had a grumpy, grumpy day. Amy gave a lot of lessons today.


We made a calendar that counts how many days until we meet our new friend Magnolia. We read a book about different landmarks and bridges in Portland. Chloe started embroidering a rainbow with mountains and a river. Light and water make rainbows! In our chapter book Henry’s dog Ribsy barked at the garbage man.


Erika was home sick so Michael came to help. Sparrow and Iyla were absent too. Orion made the pizza dough and Oliver made the pizza. The weather was warm. Some children did egg peeling today.

Doug Fir Weekly Update

Today Julie (Brianna’s mom in Sage) came in to talk to us about Chinese New Year.  We learned how to say and write “Happy New Year,” “Thank you” and “Goat” in Chinese! We read the book “The Great Race” about the Chinese zodiac and found out that the kids are all Rats! This week Emmett made his Steam Engine in a salad bowl. It was very exciting and everyone helped to make it a success! We continued our study of roots and learned more about what function they serve for plants. We did some experiments and research in class and then went for a walk around the neighborhood looking for roots and evidence of their work. We found some great examples! We also had the excitement of two erupting volcanoes this week as we learned more about the earth’s crust. Everyone is doing division using a two digit divisor now and multiplying using a three digit multiplier! We missed Amelia this week who has been home sick. We hope she gets well and comes back next week. photo-6 photo-7 photo photo-2 photo-4