December blog

December 2022


Winter Wonderland was a massive success. The Swordfern class made over $800. The variety show was a hit with the audience cheering on the performers, and hilarious comedic skits. The decoration of the event was immaculate thanks to the efforts of the setup crew, and it was taken down with care by the tear-down crew.


There was so much work and care put into creating the mutual aid kits during Winter Wonderland. We discussed how best to get them out to our community members who most need them. We decided to deliver them to several different places to make sure that the biggest variety of people had access to them. Some we delivered ourselves, others were put out a bit farther afield by some of our puddletown family members with cars. If you are interested in finding a fridge or pantry near you, please check: 


We decided to donate 10% of the Winter Wonderland total profits to a good cause. Our class decided on New Avenues For Youth, a Portland based nonprofit dedicated to helping people ages 9-24 experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. We liked the idea of people our age raising money to help other people our age. We donated exactly $215.12. You can find all of their information, programming, and volunteer opportunities here: 


We planned trips to places to go in the end of the year for our spring trip. We made paper mache sculptures, and a slideshow. We all chose UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit. We looked at places in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Next we have to choose which one we want to go to, and do some more specific research.