News from the classrooms

Today is Wednesday April 2nd 2008

From the Lavender classroom
People were sweeping the floor and fixing things. We read a whale book and the person who took the pictures of the beached whale was a real person. It is a true story. The whale was sick. The coast guard tried to tow it away (into the harbor), which is kind of funny because it’s kind of like a tow truck. We also read a book about frogs and a different one about apples. We found out how honey crisps came to be.
The children of the Lavender classroom

From the Arugula classroom
Some children helped work in the garden. The seeds that we planted are beginning to sprout. We set up a light inside so the seeds would think it was the sun. All of the children came to school today. Faye was absent. We went to the park and saw that the playground is almost ready. People were working and helping get it ready and they showed us how the slide works. We only have one fly in our classroom. Thank you Adrienne (Owen’s mom)!!
The children of the Arugula classroom

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