Earl the rock hound is back!

Today in elementary Earl (Kai and Alex’s grandfather) came in to tell us about the rock collection he donated to Puddletown. The children have been looking at these rocks and finding out about them through books and through using our rock and mineral identification kits for months now and it was great to have the collector himself come in to tell stories about where they were found and when. Some of the rocks came from Oregon and some came from Missouri and Iowa. In addition to being a rock hound we found out that Earl has also worked on a submarine, built a bridge on Mt. St. Helen’s after the eruption, and helped build Cascade Locks and Bonneville damn just to name a few of his experiences! It was a great morning and we are so thankful that he came in and donated his time and rocks to our class.photo-5 photo-2 photo-6 photo

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