Thursday November 10, 2016


This morning Eloise and Ramona worked with the South America puzzle map. Jolly went to the garden and cut cheese for the outdoor snack. Today George’s parents observed. A big group of children played kickball with Sam. Sam told a story about a mouse that died in a bucket of water. When Bruno woke up in the morning he found the dead mouse in a bucket of water. The buried the mouse with dirt and covered it up.


Yesterday we lined up oldest to youngest. Today Josie, Baxter, Aine and Holland were absent. Doris is leaving early because she is going on a beach trip. Mikey’s grandmother observed. He wasn’t feeling well so he went home with her. It is sunny and cold outside. There are no pink pencils in the metal insets. Today is Andrea’s birthday. It is Amelia’s birthday too!img_6012 img_6013