Friday, June 6 2014


It is very hot and very sunny. Alex was absent today. We sang “Family of the Sun” and “A Place Choir.” We read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. We are going to have smoothies for snack in the extended day. Al and Gus are responsible for a group project this afternoon.


Yesterday was the exhibit. We had 20 hundred people. We had lots of good food: the fruit porcupine was our favorite. All the people were looking sharp because we got to wear fancy clothes. There was lots of mates. Homies is another word for friends too. The painting that Gia and the kids made Emily got hung up. There was a string across the ceiling and a flower by the door. The kindergarteners wore bow ties. Some people wore high heels. Some people didn’t want snack today. The pictures are still hanging up from yesterday. The butterfly habitat is in the storage closet. It is from Aero and his parents.


Weylin was still away today. Kimberley came in to help us in the classroom. We played outside with Jaasi, Kimberley, and Michael. We read some books outside and ate applesauce bread for snack. The posters are still up from our open house. Some children are looking forward to taking their posters home to hang in their rooms.

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