Sam (he/him) is a co-founder and Head of Puddletown School. He graduated from a Quaker college with majors in Art, English and Journalism and a minor in Education. After working in more traditional educational settings, he volunteered in a Montessori classroom on the Oregon Coast to develop an immersion program for Spanish speaking students. He went on to get his Montessori Primary Certificate from the Montessori Northwest and a Master’s of Education from Loyola University in Baltimore and has been invested in Montessori education since 1996. Sam began teaching in Connecticut at an inner city Montessori school with the Hartford Public School system, becoming involved in the planning and development of the Learning Corridor with Trinity College. After returning to the Pacific Northwest he taught at an Elementary program and worked to establish a Montessori middle school. Eventually the desire to return to the primary classroom and a willing partner led to starting Puddletown School.