Augusta (she/her) is the assistant in the Sunflower classroom. In 2012 she moved from Brazil to
Washougal, WA, where she currently lives with her husband Tom, their son Owen (who is a
student in Puddletown elementary), and their two cats Nutella and Lightning.
Augusta graduated in business administration many moons ago and worked in accounting,
fashion, and the public sector. She recently decided to change careers and become an
educator. In 2020 Augusta earned her Master’s degree in teaching and is currently pursuing her
Montessori teaching certification. Working in a school like Puddletown brings a
smile to her face every morning. Other reasons to smile are traveling, reading, watching
movies, listening to music, dancing, spending time with her family, meditating, and learning
languages. Besides her native Portuguese, Augusta speaks English, Spanish, French, and Italian.