The Lavender classroom PSU art show

The Lavender Classroom worked diligently on pieces for an art exhibit that Emmy’s dear friend hosted at PSU.

The exhibit was called “The Spring Picture Bunt Art Show” (titled by the students) and was at the MK gallery in the art building at PSU. The show was curated by PSU MFA student Samantha Ollstein.

Julio visits again!

Tim from the Audubon Society visited last Friday and brought Julio, a great horned owl. It was amazing to get to touch samples of wings and talons from other birds of prey. We learned about different birds of prey that live in and around Portland and how the Audubon Society helps injured birds. We loved meeting Julio. She fell out of her nest after the tree where she was living was cut down when she was an owlet. The man who cut down the tree didn’t know what to do so Julio lived with him for 5 years. She can’t survive in the wild so the Audubon Society takes care of her.

Thanks for coming Tim and Julio! 



From the last time Julio visited Puddletown:


The 1st Annual Puddletown Carnival!

The carnival was SO much fun! A very sincere and hearty thanks to everyone who lent a hand. It was a real community effort and we can’t wait for next year! We raised $2,300 that will go towards scholarship at Puddletown School.