Daily stories for the week ending 3/22



3/21 Today is the first day of spring and it was hailing outside. We could hear it hitting the windows. Several children were missing today because they are going on trips. Davia is flying to Ecuador with her mom and Sparrow is going to California. Jaasi is still observing in the Sage classroom, we miss her but we also like having Kimberley with us.

3/22  Today in the Cedar classroom Davia was gone.  We had broccoli, crackers and pretzels.  Today we had fun on the playground climbing on the dome.  This week Jaasi was observing in the Sage classroom.


3/19 We learned a new song called “Turn the World Around” that was written by Harry Belafonte. We sing it with the names of land and water forms as well as biomes.  “We come from the island, living on the island, go back to the island, turn the world around…”

3/20 It is spring!  We recited our winter poem “Where is the Bear” by Betty Hubka one last time the we read a book called Old Bear, that talked about how much fun Laura and Mary had playing outside and observing the animals on the prairie.

3/21 We played a game where we tried to be as still as a garter snake hiding in the grass.  At lunch we took turns listening and telling stories about the beach.  We read a new chapter in the Little House.

3/22 The Hail.  Hail is rain ice.  Hail is frozen water. We packed it into a hail ball and then we threw them. It is yummy.


This week we have Cathy helping our class because Amy is on a safari in Africa!  Jassi is in our class too, observing us because she is training to become a teacher.   When we were outside it hailed so much the grate almost

flooded.  Cathy taught us the song “Robin in a pine tree” and acted it out.  We acted Slinky Malinky with Amy.  Outside some children jumped off the porch of the playhouse and touched the second branch.  Some children played ladybugs.  Pizza day!  Today Henry made pizza dough and Al and Gus made the pizza.  We really miss Amy!  The sun came out after it hailed.  The nappers went to sleep everyday.


some photos from this week and last…photo

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