“I love making maps. I love all the works. I like that we read lots of books together.” 

-child in their second preschool year

“Our son attended Puddletown all the way through 6th grade, and has emerged with a love of learning that will serve him the rest of his life. We are constantly hearing from other adults about his poise and ability to carry on a conversation with intelligence and maturity. He loved going to school every day; I can’t think of higher praise than that.”

-David, parent of 2021 preschool & elementary alumni

“Puddletown is a wonderful special place that gives children the freedom to explore the world in their own unique way.  Our children were always shown so much love, compassion and respect.  They were beyond prepared for the next academic steps and it is a true testament to how much the teachers invest into each student.  We are forever grateful to all the teachers and staff and we hold Puddletown in a special place in our hearts.” 

-Bethzaida, parent of two 2021 preschool alumni

“I love that I get to have snack and I get to play outside and all of us sit down to eat lunch when the songs are on. I have friends and some people celebrate their birthdays at school.”

– child in their second preschool year

Our daughter is attending Puddletown and we couldn’t be happier. The school has highly qualified teachers and staff who are caring, communicative, and responsive.

Our daughter loves going to school. She tells us that she likes her teachers and friends. Every morning she is happy to go to school, and she is content and tired coming back home.

We would highly recommend Puddletown to any parent or kiddo seeking a high quality preschool, especially a true Montessori environment.

-Ning, parent of a preschooler in their first year

“If you are looking for a preschool in Portland where your kids will be truly loved by their teachers, turned into reading and math whizzes, and also learn old-timey chores like grinding coffee beans by hand and polishing silver, I suggest Puddletown School. My love for the Puddletown school and the community runs so deep I would have to write pages and pages about it. Puddletown and the Montessori method made me a better parent. I made a ton of friends. It’s an incredible place and my kids will reap the benefits of their time there for their whole lives.”

-Rachel, parent of three preschool alumni, 2021, 2019, 2017