mission & philosophy


Our mission is to create an environment in line with Dr. Maria Montessori’s teachings where children learn to trust themselves and feel the freedom to explore who they are: with curiosity and confidence, they create their individuality and community.


At Puddletown School we encourage young people to explore learning, independence, and interdependence.

We strive to foster an authentic sense of self in each child. We work to guide children toward an integrated understanding of community and sensitivity to the needs of all people. We believe in each child’s innate hunger for learning and self-construction. Learning to trust yourself and building confidence are important parts of this development. We model a healthy connection between making mistakes and growth. This connection frees children to embrace a friendliness with error. We work to empower each child to make choices that support their own needs. We strive to inspire a sense of responsibility that comes with this empowerment and connection. We are an environment where children are free to explore and create in an atmosphere of love and respect.