A visit to Errol Creek Park

The elementary children, led by Erik (Gus and Cory’s dad) took a trip to Errol Creek today.

Some highlights:

*We discussed the problem of invasive species. We looked at some piles of blackberry vines (maybe the Himilayan variety) that had just been pulled. We saw a Portland Parks & Recreation worker spraying for some other invasive plants in an area where we were not.

*We saw the spring ponds, the source of Errol Creek. The main pond’s outlet is a small waterfall. We touched the water to feel its cold temperature, and we saw how clear it was, too.  We discussed that the cold water is the reason why some trout and salmon still run up in Johnson Creek.
*We saw the beaver’s lodge. We saw its dam, and we concluded that his house was not only downstream of this dam but upstream from another that we couldn’t see. We saw wood chips from a tree the beaver had been cutting with its teeth either last night or this morning. (The chips were so fresh and soft)
*We found a small spring pothole–a veritable mini spring pond, with deep, ice-cold and clear water.
*We were glad we had our boots because we all took an unscripted hike deep into the woods.
*We saw a big animal cave but from a distance. We decided to save its exploration and full discovery for later.
*We all had a great time!
Thanks so much to Erik who led this exciting adventure and to Brett for getting us there.

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