A trip to the fire station for the Sage extended day


The extended day workers went on a field trip to a fire station. One person couldn’t even see the fire station because he thought it was red and they had to turn around. The firefighters were not there because they were out helping someone and then they came back. We played until they came back. We saw a fire engine and a pole. Wendy went down the pole. We squirted the firehose and we got to go inside the fire engine. Firefighter Wendy could not reach the ladder so there is a motor that lowers the ladder down. We learned that firefighters stay down under the smoke because the bad air is up high and the good air is down low.  The End.DSC_0418DSC_0425DSC_0432DSC_0433DSC_0435DSC_0456DSC_0450DSC_0452DSC_0448DSC_0447DSC_0444DSC_0441DSC_0440DSC_0446DSC_0457DSC_0458


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