Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today was raining and we got to jump in puddles.  Everyone was here today, none was missing.  Weylin told a story about getting a flat tire and how he changed it.  There was a parent in the garden and some children worked outside.



Baxter, Beck, Olivia and Alec were absent.  It is the second day of fall.  We used instruments inout gathering this morning.  there is new work on the shelf, a screwdriver and a bolt driver.  We are helping our new friends learn to be gentle.



It was rainy today.  Everybody had to wear raincoats and boots.  Some glass broke in our classroom.  Everyone had to put their shoes on.  Some of our art was laminated to protect it.  Some children worked in the garden.  We read a book about pumpkin harvest.  We are hoping it doesn’t get damaged because it’s a library book.  We have a brand new pink tower and we are waiting to put it on the shelf to make sure the younger children are ready to use it.

Douglas Fir

“We heard an organ playing in the church today.”- Oliver

“I got a new lesson on long division!”- Emmett
“We used microscopes to look at fungi.”- Gus