Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sienna and Alex came back today. We read a book called “Pumpkin Moonshine.” That’s a mother name for a jack-o-lateen. Tomorrow our friend Siona is coming. She is a kid who graduated from Puddletown last year. She was five and now she’s six. She is Langley’s sister. Today the fire marshal came to make sure Puddletown is prepared in case of an emergency. He examined our fire a leans and extinguishers.


We listened to the Puddletown Gold CD at lunch time and we all ate quietly. We celebrated two birthdays today. We moved shelves, swept and lit a candle. We turned off the lights and we listened to some stories about the children celebrating. We learned that sun in Spanish is “sol” and that is Luca’s name. We have pictures of the birthday children in the classroom now.


Max was missing from our classroom today because he went to San Francisco. William was also gone but we don’t know why. Erika wasn’t outside with us today, Weylin was. The bikes were not available because Emily who usually unlocks them wasn’t feeling well and stayed home to rest. She has the key.

Doug Fir

We went to Zenger Farm again today. A whole bunch of the turkeys got out. We used new gloves to help at the farm.  They are building a new classroom for next spring.  We got to visit the milking barn that the farmer from a hundred years ago built.  Tom the teacher there told us we could time travel by opening the door to the fridge where they kept the milk because the farmer had opened that door everyday back in 1914.  We got got eat apples off a tree that was 5 years old, it was called an Arkansas Black.  There were only two apples left on the tree.  We ate one.

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