Wednesday, June 3 2015


There is a new book. We are not doing the Peter and the Wolf play because it was a little frightening to some. We will do Catflaps instead. We played hide and seek outside. Sara is here to observe.


Today it was rainy, but we still played music outside. Oliver’s dad made us a new CD to listen to. We read the “Three Billy Goat’s Gruff” in the morning. You can’t see inside one of the chrysalises. Some of us think that is the one that will become a butterfly first. They also have golden dots. In “Little House in the Big Woods” we learned how to get maple syrup out of maple trees. In 5 school days we will have a graduation ceremony.


When we came to school today the posters we made for the open house were still up on the walls for us to see. It was a rainy, warm day but while we were outside the sun came out and it got warmer. Orion and Grace were not at school today. 
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