Tuesday, January 21, 2020


It rained during outside time. We read a new book. Hazel is making a book of the 50 states. We have a new jumping work.


Some of us were green leprechauns outside; wind queen, ice queen and snow queen.  The kinetic sand that Hazel brought us is on the shelf. We got group lessons on it. It rained and it’s sprinkling right now. Ismey brought a book called The Diggers and we really loved it so much we could just hug it.


Esme built with the pink cubes. Zabel played the ukulele. Tilly made a birthday list that she wrote down what she wants for her birthday. Tilly wants an Angelina doll and an Elsa doll and an Ana doll and she wants a Frozen 2 doll and that’s it. Luna cut paper and made a little hat. Rowan’s birthday is this week, she will be four. Jessica did the zipper frame and the button frame. Today Judy read Lola At The Library in the reading corner. Elias had a lesson on color box 3. Alice liked to play on the yoga mat. Payton played the bells. Beckett made a metal inset book. Atticus painted something for his mom.