Thursday, October 24, 2013



All the apples were sliced today. We labeled the jars of applesauce  that we canned yesterday. They were so hot but now they’re cooled off. We could touch the applesauce jars today! Some people got the peace rose. Some people are napping today and some younger children went home after lunch. Tayla was absent today.



Amy stayed home to rest and Teresa was in our classroom with Jane. She brought library books for us to look at. The other day the Bob books were organized and we noticed it today.  Teresa used to teach at another Montessori school for a long time. We built a house outside and made mortar out of mud to put in between the bricks.  Teresa said she had a really fun time getting to know all of us she taught us some new songs and a poem about turtles.


Today was another beautiful, sunny day. Laura, Sophia’s mom, observed in the classroom. Our Montessori NW observer, Sarah, was sick today. So was Portia and Orion. We read “White Snow, Bright Snow” and we read a chapter from “Ribsy” in the afternoon.

photo 2