Friday, October 25, 2019


We read a book about pumpkins. Sydney is back from her trip. Rosalind’s dad observed. Sunny made a book all about flowers.


Cece did flower arranging with new flowers. Avery brought a book for us to read called Fancy Nancy’s Spooky Halloween. In our chapter book, Stewart Little got a canoe with no paddles and he also writed a note. We practiced a fire drill two days ago. Yesterday we lined up on the pink line and gone on a leaf walk. We read a book called Baby Goes to Market. Amy wrote a card a couple days ago. There’s new books in the reading corner about ballet and Miss Nelson. Hannah picked them out from the office.


Eliana’s favorite thing was playing the bells. Arrow had a lesson on pumpkin scrubbing and he went to the outdoor classroom. Judy did the moveable alphabet. Justin used the brown stair. Forster was the fish feeder. Liam liked making a book of the flags of North America. Payton’s best part of the day was when she watered plants. Robert is leaving early to visit his family in Bend. Beckett made another metal inset book.