Elementary Weekly Digest: September 6-9, 2022

One of the characteristics of elementary children is that they love to do BIG work. This might mean the work is physically large (or incredibly tiny), but it often means that the work takes place of the span of several days, weeks, months (or sometimes even years!). Although it’s the start of the year, we are already seeing the elementary tendency toward this kind of work humming along. Children are working on ongoing projects over the course of days. It seems animal research fever has struck and many children are deeply engaged in exciting projects exploring animals!

Here Rose uses the “Animal Question and Answer Cards” to help guide him in the beginnings of an investigation about polar bears.

Romana and Harper created a poster about platypuses and are in the process of extending this work by creating a diorama showing their habitat.

You can see Asher working over the course of several days to create a model of a king cobra after he did reading and writing about king cobras.

Owl research led to dissecting owl pellets!

After receiving a reminder about the parts of speech (articles, nouns, and adjectives), Selma turned their passion for dragons into beautifully illustrated and symbolized pages representing different kinds of dragons. Their next step is to bind their pages into a book! The small, light blue triangle represents articles, the medium dark blue triangle represents adjectives, and the large black triangle represents nouns. The symbols help children see the patterns the English language makes!