Monday, September 22, 2014

IMG_4940 _MG_6040 _MG_6050Sage

The bikes were not locked up today.  Lucy arrived after lunch today.  Phineas was absent.  We are going to have a Spanish class after school.  It will be in the Cedar classroom.  Marina (Felix’s friend) will be the teacher.


Today some children did table washing.  We rode bikes on the playground.  Today Weylin brought an elk skull with large antlers.  It was from a bull elk.  We compared it to a cow elk skull.  A bull elk is a boy and a cow elk is a female.


When the lights were off, a few new works came out onto the shelves.  We had new jobs.  We played rhythm instruments in our morning gathering.  Some people were sick and not at school today.  The pink tower became available.  We have lots of new books in the reading corner.  There’s a new sewing work that lots off people will learn to do soon.

Doug Fir

Today the children had the lesson on “The Coming of Human Beings.” Everyone was so busy working this morning that we forgot to eat snack! This afternoon we had our first Spanish lesson with Marina. They sang songs, played games and learned that Marina comes from Argentina.