Sage Daily Story 1/26/10

Today is Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We saw a mom and her kid might come to Puddletown next year. Bella [the fish] is still being aggressive. Amy walked across the street and saw us on the sidewalk. Josie made bread today for extended day snack. Owen made bread yesterday for our morning snack. Georgia was absent today. We read a book about Pablo Picasso. He is a famous artist. He was real. His dad taught art. When a city blew up with bombs and people got hurt, Picasso got angry and he painted a really big, mad painting about anger because he thought war was awful. He made some paintings that are like blocks. It looked like it had cubes. That’s called Cubism. He painted a lot of blue paintings and that is the blue period. Blue is a sad color. He felt sad and lonely. There was a rose period but it didn’t last very long because of the Cubism. Cubism was the last one he did. The sawing guide is in a different place.

The end.
Clara, Josefina, Josie, Shannon, Isa, Amy, Xan, Nola and Owen

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