Sage daily stories

Monday, January 12th
The white ceramic vase that we keep plant flags in broke today. Clara made some flags for the plants. The flags are red and they tell us, “stop, this plant has been watered!” Five children were not here today: Harry, Santiago, Alejandro, Brave and Max Young. jackson read two stories to us at gathering time. He wrote both of them. The first one is called “The Crow” and the second is called “The Lion Family.” Vinnie brought pictures of his Grammy’s castle. There is a draw bridge. We did not finish the chapter called “Birthday” in “Farmer Boy.” We chose our own lunch places today because Amy was reading a book about science and science projects and she forgot to put out lunches!

Tuesday, January 13th
Tomorrow is Regina’s birthday. No glass broke today. Santiago, Harry, Alejandro, Brave, Georgia and Vinnie were absent today. We have magnetic and non-magnetic work out now. Something needs to have iron in it to make it magnetic. Today is Louie’s first day of school. He is in the Lavender class and will take a nap in the clubroom. Rory and Jackson are producing a play and some of us will be in the audience. Erin will narrate the play. We chose our own spots for lunch today and it was fun!

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