Puddletown Scout Book Cookbook!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of “What’s cooking? Puddletown School.” This project is a collaboration with Pinball Publishing, Lael Tyler, and all of the past and present community of Puddletown. The pocket sized book is filled with recipes you can make with your children, photos and quotes. The books are $6 and are available at Puddletown and will be making an appearance at our upcoming event, Puddletown Hall. If you would like one sent to you, please contact Puddletown at info@puddletownschool.com to make arrangements. All proceeds go towards the Puddletown scholarship fund. Pick one up today!
Recipes include: Florence’s blueberry muffins, Orca crackers, Jaasi’s applesauce bread, Everyone’s biscuits, Aimee’s vegan banana muffins, Oliver’s granola bars, Georgia’s mango salad, Hillary’s johnny cakes, Lavender classroom cereal bars, Josephine’s peanut butter balls, Puddletown bread, Zadie’s pretzels, Alejandro’s egg salad, Friday’s pizza, and Sage classroom tea party oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks to everyone who lent their ideas and support.

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