Corinne (she/her) is the Outdoor Classroom guide and provides school-wide administrative support.

When Corinne was a child growing up in Corvallis, her mom was an assistant in a Montessori Primary classroom while Corinne attended Montessori at a school nearby. Corinne has BA in English from University of Oregon, an AMI Primary Diploma from Montessori Northwest, and an M.Ed from Loyola University of Maryland. Corinne spent 12 years as the Primary Course Assistant at Montessori Northwest, several years on the Oregon Montessori Association (OMA) board, and is a past recipient of the OMA Outstanding Dedication Award. Corinne enjoys working with both adult and child members of the Montessori community, most recently as the Puddletown Outdoor Classroom Guide since 2018. Her favorite Montessori role, however, has been as a Montessori parent for 10+ years. In Corinne’s free time, she enjoys visiting family on the Oregon Coast, learning about the natural world, cuddling her pets, and exploring art and children’s books.