Ainsley (she/they) provides schoolwide support.

Ainsley grew up right here in SE Portland, and is super excited for her first year at Puddletown!
Prior to joining, Ainsley was a ballet dancer for over 15 years and danced with the Oregon Ballet
Theatre and Boston Ballet. With performing arts being on hold for the pandemic, she chose to
“retire” from ballet professionally and return to Portland to finish her degree at Portland State
University, where she studied Arts and Literature. Before her final year, she moved to Spain to
teach English to pre-k through highschool ages and to also travel as much as possible. This is
where Ainsley’s love for education really took off. She decided in her final year of school to
participate in the mentorship and social art practice program at the Dr. MLK Jr. School
Contemporary Art Museum, KSMOCA, developing and creating an exhibition with students and
artist Wendy Ewald. Ainsley has been a passionate knitter and fiber artist since childhood and is
really excited to share that creative outlet with students. In her spare time she is usually knitting
while watching movies/T.V., crafting, and spending time outside