Phoebe’s story

The Bunny and the cat. Written and illustrated by Phoebe Whipple

Come and listen to this story. I know you will love this story.
The bunny was Miriam. The cat was Cat Cat. One day Miriam was out. When Miriam was out it started to rain, but! Cat Cat was at the house. Cat Cat got her coat and Miriam’s coat. Then Cat Cat got two umbrellas. Then Cat Cat opened the door and ran into the rain. Cat Cat saw Miriam shivering under a big tree. Cat Cat gave Miriam her coat and brought her home.
“Thank you for taking me home Cat Cat.” “You’re Welcome Miriam.” “Let’s keep walking.”
When they got home, Miriam got dressed up. Cat Cat already dressed up. The End.
Phoebe wrote this book when she was 5. Phoebe’s mama’s name was Laura. School mate list:
Neil, Netti, Henry, Sabine, Frankie, Al, Eme, Ellis, Amelia

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