A parent’s notes from observing the Cedar classroom



Thanks again for the opportunity to observe the Cedar classroom!
I’ve been really happy with my child attending Puddletown from the beginning, but getting to see the classroom in action made me realize what a wonderful place it is for her and how lucky we are to have you in our lives on a daily basis.
Some of my favorite observations:
 – An older boy and younger girl walking around the classroom hand in hand as he helped her find objects that matched the colors she had identified.
 – All of the collaboration and cooperation among children. And how affectionate they are with each other!
 – Seeing how the children move from task to task or stop to observe others.
 – The level of order: children returning their work to the proper places, disposing of paper, refilling water jugs, rolling up their mats
 – The ability of the guides to gracefully and quietly address conflict — I didn’t realize what it’s like to have a room full of 20-odd children together in a room until I sat in it! The potential for disaster is incredible! Regardless of the situation, the children were addressed respectfully, given options, and there was no sense of anger or shame or hard feelings. Consistently. Amazing.
 – The ability of the guides to spend quality time with so many children while managing the classroom as a whole. I have no idea how you’re able to do this. It was amazing to watch. I never got the sense anyone was feeling neglected. Nothing ever felt out of control.
 – The freedom to accomplish tasks alone or to spend time with others. I love how many children wandered around between tasks to see what others were up to and then stopped (in the Weylin pose with hands behind their backs!!!) to observe.
 – An older boy who was learning division and got so excited about some day being able to divide 253. Appreciating math!!!
 – The snack table! I wish you could make a reality show of just the children at the snack table. So adorable.
It was such a treat to get to see how my child spends her mornings. Thank you for all that you do. We very much appreciate the time and energy and obvious heart you all put into your work.

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