Our trip to the Oregon Food Bank

The Story of Puddletown Extended Day Children Going to the Food Bank
by The Lavender Class

Eli remembers that the freezer was very cold. Zadie noticed that they had very tall shelves that if you climbed up tot he top, you cold touch the ceiling. Alex remembers that they told us how many pounds of food we brought (285). Louie thinks it was really fun. “At the food bank there were tons of kinds of food, like cans. In the freezer there were ice cream and other things that needed to be kept cold and there was ice in the freezer, just a little bit of ice. And we went in the freezer. It was even cold with our winter coats on, ” Clara said. Zadie thinks you have to wear snow pants inside the freezer. Eli remembers that we had partners. “In the freezer is was 10 degrees below zero,” Zadie recalls. Clara slid on the ground because the ground was slippery.

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