News from Staff!

News from Amy:
While the weather outside is frightful, your children are so delightful! The children of Arugula have explored not only the complexities of friendship and cooperation, but also the magic of winter. They have delved into the beauty of snow and are excited to experience the crystals first hand. We have read about animals of the arctic and the ways in which they adapt to their environment. We have created our own snowflakes with the knowledge that no two are alike; the display on our back wall beautifully illustrates this point. The children in the extended day program have read about W. A. Bentley and his passion to capture the images of individual snowflakes and the need to document the beauty of nature in general.
We are hoping some of your children can begin to wear leather shoes to school occasionally so we can make them more beautiful with polishing.
I am grateful for the time you allow Faye and me with your children. They bring a wealth of personal experience and interest that adds so much to our days. We look forward to a new year filled with growth and learning!

News from Emily:
What a busy time it has been since Thanksgiving! Our potlatch was a success. Full bellies, fun and much interest in indigenous peoples of North America. Many children discovered an interest in walnuts, and other foods. Thank you for your participation and support.
We have been celebrating the winter and the return of the light with many art activities such as snowflake making, paper chain making, popcorn and cranberry stringing, making cards for the residents (which we delivered Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday while singing “Jingle Bells” and “Let It Snow” and reciting “I Heard a Bird Sing” by Oliver Herford), and of course, painting like crazy! We have briefly discussed several holidays that are celebrated around this time of year, keeping our focus on the universal themes of light and peace.

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