Daily Story from Sage and Lavender and Cedar with a photo essay from this week

In the Sage Class we had a “Mango Fandango Fruit Salad” with our lunch.  We played relay races outside.  It was raining for half the time and then it stopped.  We are listening to Bach when the nappers are going to sleep.  We are going to make pizza dough this afternoon so we can make pizza tomorrow.  We read the chapter where Ramona said a bad word and the bad work was “guts”.  We are on chapter 9.  Caitlyn is going to read some of chapter 9.

In the Lavender class yesterday we talked about the layers of the earth’s crust and magma. We practiced our earthquake drill game. Today we learned about a group of mammals called marsupials.  Some people though the wombats were “kangaroo pigs.”  Some of the 3rd year children played subtraction with the golden beads.  We learned a little bit about Sergei Prokofiev the composer of Peter and the Wolf.  He used to listen to his mother play the piano and fell in love with music that way.

In the Cedar class today three children did an addition problem.  They added 1,985, 2,857 and 3,968 all together.  Some children helped Jassi set up for lunch.  We played outside and it was wet and fun.  We collected water with buckets and cleaned out the wagon.  Some of us rode in the cart today.

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