Daily Stories and photos from the week of March 4, 2013

Lavender 3/7/13 & 3/8/13

Juniper’s mom came to observe. Her name is Natalie. She watched us do our work and some of the children gave her art work to take home. Soon more parents will come to observe. It was so warm outside that many of us took our our jackets. We rehearsed a play based on the book Cat Flaps by Linley Dodd in the afternoon. A hula hoop was the cat flap. We will perform the play for the Cedar classroom next week.

We celebrated Bianca’s birthday. Her mom and brother came to the celebration. We rehearsed our play. We played the silence game. At lunch we said our poem “Thank you” by Margaret Wise Brown. A lot of children were excited about the work they were doing. Joe was the escort this week and really liked bringing the half day children to their families when they were ready to go home.

Cedar 3/5/13 & 3/7/13

Weylin came back to school. He was at home sick yesterday but today he is feeling better. We read a book about the animals on Buttercup Farm and then we sang Old McDonald. Two children did a collective subtraction together without the teacher. Lots of words were built with the moveable alphabet: fruits, things you see in the sky, and furry animals. It rained while we were playing on the playground. In extended day we read another chapter from the book Little House on the Prairie. There were wolves outside the house and Pa and Laura built a new door.

Many children were busy working on projects. One person made many flower arrangements and placed them around the classroom and another child got a lesson on cloth washing and washed all of the dirty cloths in our laundry basket. We found a spider and caught it with the bug catcher. We looked at the spider through a magnifying glass. Jaasi put the spider outside when we were all done.

Sage 3/7/13 & 3/8/13

Frankie’s dad came to observe. We listened to “Mango Fandango” during lunch. Florence made some coconut bread at home and brought it in to share with the extended day. She made the dough and it had to sit overnight. It was delicious. Some children played soccer outside. They set up the goals and had a coach. Netti made a teeter totter and gave children a turn to ride it with her.

Amy and Amelia M. made pizza dough in early care and Ellie and Amelia M. made pizza during the morning. Henry and Gus worked really hard sweeping bark chips out of the playhouse. Some other children helped too. We played the muffin man game. In the game someone closes their eyes and listens to everyone sing.  Then only one person sings and the person with their eyes closed tries to  guess who’s singing. Felix and Amelia R. were absent and we missed them.



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