Anti-bias, Anti-racist & Inclusion statement

At Puddletown School we are working to create an inclusive environment for everyone in our school community. Our world is a challenging place when thinking about the disparity of privilege and oppression. We strive to be a school community that pushes back against bias and is a safe place for people of all races and ethnicities, cultures, languages, gender expressions and identities, sexual orientations, religions and beliefs, family structures, cognitive or physical abilities, socioeconomic status, and thought. 

We are committed to making changes toward eliminating biases and racism. We are working to recognize our own bias and privilege and support each other to undo these damaging patterns. We are making renewed efforts to honor the differences in all of us. We are dedicated to bringing inclusivity into our daily relationships with everyone in our community.

Anti-bias/anti-racism (ABAR) work is ongoing at Puddletown. We focus on uplifting individuals to be proud of their uniqueness while honoring other individuals’ differences. Puddletown is dedicated to integrating ABAR education at all levels of the school community.

Diversity and inclusion enriches learning and teaching experiences for children and adults. Alongside our children, we learn the value of mutual respect and meaningful inclusion practices. We grow through thoughtful interaction with each other and work together in an interconnected society. All are honored, respected, and welcome. We strive to uncover similarities in us that create potentials for rich and creative partnerships across the differences and that facilitate communication, understanding, and mutual growth. 

At Puddletown we are working to:

  • Create opportunities for staff and student development toward cultural intelligence and sensitivity
  • Create a climate of reflective and thoughtful understanding of the similarities and differences among us as ways to promote mutual respect and collaboration
  • Challenge ourselves to continually reevaluate policies and practices, to ensure that we continue to grow and welcome all voices

For the 2020/21 school year we commit to:

  • Reading and reflecting on an ABAR teaching text as a staff
  • Employing an equity trainer or consultant to lead an ABAR workshop
  • Continuing to partner with our family/caregiver led ABAR committee to further this work in our community