A New Paradigm By Elise Arevalo

As the nation examines our public school systems, people are realizing that a new model is needed. Superintendants attempt to make change and are disheartened to find that even they, at the top level, cannot do what it takes to better educate our children. After having conversations with co-workers and friends in the education field, engaging in discussion with college students, and watching documentaries on the state of education in our country, I am left pondering what the solution will look like.
Everywhere I look new ideas, along with time tested theories are popping up. An online magazine Slate recently held a contest to see what people thought the “21st Century Classroom” should look like. Among the finalists were two models based on Montessori education.
Dr. Steven Hughes has studied the neurodevelopmental benefits of classical Montessori education. He is coming to PSU this spring to give his presentation “School 2.0.” on April 28 at 7:00pm. He also acknowledges that our public school system needs a makeover. He sees a solution in the Montessori method and calls it “brain-based learning.”
Experts are confirming what we at the Montessori Institute Northwest consider common sense. We’ve been training Montessori teachers for 30 years and see the results in the many Montessori classrooms in our community and around the world.
On December 8, 2010 at 6:30pm come to “Montessori Children as Adults” and learn what they have garnered from their education. In this free information session, you can hear the personal experiences of adults who went through the Montessori educational system. A short dvd and tours of our model classrooms will be included. Our guest speakers will share stories and answer questions from the audience. If you want to learn more about this successful model, this event is for you! Please call 503.963.8992 to RSVP. Visit our website at www.montessori-nw.org for more info.
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